Clarion Advantages

Clarion has been one of the automotive industry’s largest and most innovative suppliers of electronics. Established in 1940 in Japan, the company’s purpose has been to introduce new and innovative solutions and products to the market with the goal of bringing enhanced entertainment, safety, and reliability technologies to cars on a global scale. Here is why we think you are in great hands when you do business with Clarion: 

  • 8-decades of automotive electronics innovation

  • Wide selection of OEM-focused technologies, solutions and products

  • Over a decade of automotive cloud connectivity experience

  • Quality and Process orientation

  • Proven tier-1 OEM operational expertise

  • Industry-benchmark OEM process know-how

  • Expert-level domain knowledge

  • Worldwide presence through over 30 offices

  • Own design, development and manufacturing facilities across the globe

  • Vertically integrated to assure:

    • Consistent quality

    • Logistics precision

    • Expectations management

  • Customer-focused relationships management – Customer is #1

  • Partnerships with multiple automotive parts and technology suppliers  

  • Flexibility and ability to meet wide spectrum of requirements specified by customers

  • Top-notch human talent and loyalty oriented professionals

  • B2B marketing and promotional programs