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Autonomous vehicle definitions run the gamut from primarily assisting drivers to full vehicle automation with no input from the driver. Prior to full automation, Clarion feels there is a strong desire for automated parking systems to aid the driver in difficult situations such as parallel parking or maneuvering in tight spaces such as garages.


Clarion has already launched Automatic Parking solutions with leading automakers in various regions of the world. Always anticipating the future needs of consumers, we are working on remote parking solutions which provide full autonomy at low speeds such as through parking lots and surface streets. Clarion’s Automatic Parking systems direct the vehicle operation and utilize sensor fusion of cameras, sonar and other sensors to simultaneously keep a keen eye out for pedestrians, vehicles and other potential obstacles.

Clarion offers the following capabilities in this rapidly developing category:
  • Scalable Auto Parking systems to fit the needs of automakers

  • Proven market experience in fully-integrated Auto Parking systems

  • Sensor fusion capability with integration of multiple sensor technologies

  • Utilization of Clarion’s advanced automotive camera and vision technologies

  • Ability to tightly integrate with Clarion’s AlwaysClear camera cleaning system

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