digital camera

Clarion has been a pioneer in designing, developing and marketing cameras and visions systems for vehicles since the mid 1980s. Clarion innovations initially included CRT sensor technology followed by CCD technology. But today, Clarion’s benchmark offerings utilize advanced Digital CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology. These cameras provide rich HD Resolution and take advantage of digital transmission protocols to deliver the purest and highest possible visual quality signal to the IVI and ADAS modules.  

Clarion advantages in the digital camera category include:
  • More than three decades of Camera and Vision System design, manufacturing and field experience

  • Robust weather-resistant ingress protection designs for exterior and interior mounting

  • Wide range of HD resolution cameras available in visible light and Near InfraRed spectrums

  • Digital transmission protocols such as LVDS, FPD LINK, GMSL, & MIPI

  • Optimized optical lens designs available in various fields of view, lenses from narrow to ultra-wide-angle

  • Configurable models including crop and other picture optimization settings, some available with firmware update capability via automotive harness

  • Highly experienced application team to support automakers in vehicle packaging and picture quality optimization per vehicle line