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Clarion’s Electronic Control Panels (ECP) are the industry benchmark when it comes to quality, reliability and application flexibility. Featuring superior film insert molding, ultra-black front display finish, fast capacitive touch function, ultra-low reflection and UV-hardened Lipophilic coasting, Clarion panels are designed to deliver upon the stringent specifications and requirements of carmakers across the globe.

Superior Film Insert Molding means …

  • Limitless Design Flexibility

  • Variety of Surface Styles

  • Perfect for complex shapes

  • Tailored for Option Packages

Ultra-Black Front Panel Technology provides …

  • Ultra-Slick Modern Look

  • Superior Black-out of Icons and Texts

  • Multiple Color Coasting Options

Fast Capacitive Multi-Touch means …

  • Instance Response

  • Adjustable Sensitivity

  • Ideal Solution to Develop Custom UI

Ultra-Low Refection LCD delivers …

  • Optically Bonded Superior Image

  • Patented Low-Reflection Coating

  • High Visibility in Bright Light

  • Superior Contrast and Visibility

UV-Hardened Lipophilic Coating offers …

  • Scratch Resistancy

  • Minimal Fingerprint Smudging and Hazing

  • Superior Longevity of the Touch Surface