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Discover Full Digital Sound

Clarion’s revolutionary new Full Digital Sound (FDS) maintains audio in an uncompromised full digital form up until the moment you hear it. Designed to eliminate fidelity loss, the system is also exceptionally efficient despite delivering performance comparable to traditional systems many times its size. With built in LSI processors in each speaker and a custom-developed and intelligent all-digital sound processor managing the system, it’s not a surprise that what you hear is as pure, as natural and as immersive as imaginable. Brace yourselves for an audio experience that will move you like never before. 

From Source to Speakers, Digital-To-Digital offers an unparalleled listening experience

Utilizing full digital transmission from digital audio sources to speakers, the FDS system allows high-resolution sound to be input directly to speakers without any concerns related to audio deterioration. Unlike conventional amps, the FDS system applies oversampling and digital modulation to the digital signals, and directly drives those signals to speakers by converting and outputting them via powerful D-class multi-drivers. 

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