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radio / tuner

Clarion has always been known for premium sound quality and exceptional radio tuners. In fact, Clarion’s rich history in delivering great radios goes back to 1950 with the launch of Japan’s first car radio. This radio was just the first in a long line of audio innovations leading up to the present day.   

Clarion’s current offerings in the category include diversity tuning to intelligently picking the best reception signal from multiple antennas. The company has been an early adopter of digital radio systems with SiriusXM and HDRadio and Clarion was the first to launch Sirius TravelLink™ into the automotive market. What differentiates Clarion is our application team support for automakers to fine tune and extract the best reception performance for each individual vehicle platform and system configuration.

Clarion offerings in the segment include:
  • Integrated SiriusXM™ tuner

  • Single and Diversity Tuning to pick the best possible signal from multiple antennas

  • HDRadio™ reception capability for North America and participating global markets

  • Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) tuning capability for participating global markets