Exclusive to Clarion, Clarion’s Smart Access is one of the world's most advanced and extensive cloud-based automotive-grade information access, analysis and sharing platforms. Smart Access is a tried and true solution, having been deployed in multiple vehicles since 2013. It is platform independent, offers many connectivity options, and provides real-time data analysis of the vehicle, the environment and the usage. Most importantly, Smart Access continues evolving, offering more capabilities and powerful options to its users.

Smart Access Blue & Grey LOGO.png

Smart Access is not just powerful but dependable with over 5 years of real world, field deployment and operation.

Platform independent

  • Runs on various hardware in market

  • Operating System agnostic

  • Cloud-to-cloud APIs

Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Smartphone companion app

  • CarPlay & Android Auto

  • TCU only solution

vehicle focused services

  • Vehicle Data Analytics

  • Usage Based Insurance

Smart Access Automotive Gateway.png