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branded speakers and amplifiers

While providing our own amplifiers and speakers, Clarion has also long been a Tier 1 integrator for complete branded audio systems, including parts from Tier 2 speaker and amplifier partners. We have worked with automakers to bring some of the biggest names in the business to their vehicle platforms and enhance the brand value of both the automaker and branded partners. 


Clarion has recently developed industry-leading technologies such as Full Digital Sound (FDS) driven by cutting edge Digital Drivers, which maintain digital sound all the way from the source to the speaker cone itself. This is just one example of many of the cutting-edge amplifier and speaker technologies Clarion has pioneered over the years.

  • A leader in Tier 1 services for audio systems, branded and non-branded

  • Ability to drive audio systems with internal amplifiers and external smart amplifiers with vehicle LAN integration

  • Audio system network protocols including I2S, A2B among other technologies