Clarion has a long history of innovation related to automotive vision systems. Clarion’s first application of the multi-view camera system in the automotive segment dates back to 2007, earlier than any other surround view system. Today, Clarion’s SurroundEye™ 360 is one of the world’s most advanced and accurate systems with over a decade of research and development out into to cater to the needs and wants of the carmakers and the ultimate user of the technology, the consumer.


Here are a few of the specific features and benefits that make Clarion’s SurroundEye™ 360 the preferred choice for automotive OEMs:

  • High quality image processing and stitching for a full 360 degree view

  • Optional auto calibration technology simplifies factory & dealer camera installation and calibration process and saves time

  • Remarkably precise, regardless of vehicle’s load or road conditions

  • Improves automatic parking accuracy

  • Helps secure on-going customer satisfaction by delivering top-end performance, durability and reliability

automatic image correction

system identifies road features (lines, markers, etc.)
tracks road features as they move parallel to vehicle
rapidly calculates new camera parameters and updates visuals immediately for minimal distortion

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