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tactile wave audio (TWA)

Clarion has always been on the cutting edge of high fidelity sound reproduction. It is in our DNA. We are continually researching, developing and perfecting ways to get great audio in relatively simple and light sound drivers. 


Clarion’s innovative Tactile Wave Audio harnesses sound drivers designed to deliver high frequency, as well as low frequency tactile tones. By themselves, our low frequency transducers can be a substitute for large and bulky subwoofer enclosures, while still capable of outputting deep bass frequencies. Clarion’s combination units employ these low frequency transducers with the addition of concentrically mounted tweeters to recreate much wider ranges of tones to give the system a higher fidelity range of sound. Our innovative low frequency drivers have a moving mass that can be controlled over a range of intensities and frequencies, making them useful for not only sound reproduction but also low frequency vibrations for ADAS and other vehicular alerts.

Clarion’s Tactile Wave Audio provides:

  • Innovative low frequency tactile transducers to replace and augment traditional subwoofer systems

  • Combination high frequency and low frequency drivers to replace and augment traditional full range drivers

  • Small size and easy mounting to ease vehicle packaging constraints

  • Lower system mass vs. traditional systems, which contributes to lower energy usage of the vehicle as a whole